These training videos are only applicable
to PLS customers wishing to learn how to
use the ‘Power Lead System’ marketing system.


NOTE: Whenever you ever see ANY auto-responder campaign with the word ‘Primary’ in it: It means that particular campaign contains emails with clickable links, that will link your prospects to the website of your choice. The place for you to enter/submit the website that links from these emails, is to log in and click the green easy button: geb After you click the green ‘Easy’ button, you will see this form: enter1

Enter the website of your choice and click ‘Update’. Whatever website you enter
there will ALSO be seen by your Lead Lightning & Free Lead System members
everytime they log into their back office.


Here is a list of places your ‘chosen website’ will be seen:

1) ANY auto-responder campaign that has the word ‘Primary’ in the title

2) In the auto-responder campaign of any Free Lead System Lead Capture page that contains the word ‘Primary’.


3) In the back office of any of your Lead Lightning & Free Lead System members

4) Any opt-ins to ‘Referral Link B’. (found under the ‘Getting Started’ video)


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