(intermediate to advanced users…)



Quick Reference –

Step 1) Do a search for ‘Movie’ in the source code… if you find it, SKIP step 2
Step 2) Copy the entire code from the link above, and paste it below the first ‘head’
Step 3) Get out of ‘Source’ mode, then highlight the desired button
Step 4) Click the ‘link’ icon
Step 5) Change the last 6 digits to your desired page #, OR, type in URL

Here is the code for behind the button:    

/site/index.asp?DL={%MyID%}&page=555555   (not needed if you’re using a URL)

Step 6) Click on ‘Advanced’
Step 7) Type ‘movie’ in the ‘Stylesheet Classes’ box
Step 8) Save – (adjust color box size to desired size)


How to adjust the size of more than one colorbox on your page…