‘Empower Hangout Page’ Sample (Video #1)

Video Above Covers:

1) Copy PLS Hangout Page
2) Name your copied paged (1:21)
3) Add picture #1 to page (2:00)
4) Adding ‘Get Started’ button (2:20)
5) Changing the favicon (4:08)
6) Customizing your chat-box (4:54)
7) Coding the ‘Get Started’ button (6:30)
8) Viewing the finished page (8:13)
9) Changing YouTube code (8:30)
10) Viewing the Google Hangout set-up page (8:53)

Set up your custom chatbox here:  www.chatwing.com

Click a link below for instructional video:

How to add a picture to your page

How to swap any video on any page (You Tube videos)

How to change (or remove) the outline border color around your video

How to change your favicon (little picture in title tag)



Bonus Video: Adding a Chatbox to ANY page

Video #2 Above Covers:

1) How to add a Chatbox to ANY page
2) How to delete a Chatbox from any page (3:09)


‘Empower Hangout Page’ Sample (Video #2)

Video #2 Above Covers:

1) Upload this share code for ‘Instructions’ page: 178398-special
2) Copying the ‘Instructions’ page (:38)
3) Naming your ‘Instructions’ page (1:03)
4) Making edits to ‘Instructions’ page (1:30)
5) Creating your Hangout page share code (7:04)
6) Attaching a 2nd page to the share code (7:56)
7) Adding that share code to another account (8:30)

NOTE: The video above is a continuation of ‘Video #1’ at the top of this page.