How to Create & Share Your Marketing Funnel (version #1)

(this video will show you how to create your own sales funnel, then how to share it)

* Connecting an auto-responder campaign to your funnel – Fast Forward to:  16:00

* Setting up your lead capture page for your funnel – Fast Forward to:  23:26

* Creating a code for my completed funnel – Fast Forward to:  26:54

* What do the people do with the code that I give them? – Fast Forward to:  29:13


Watch this Video Below AFTER watching the Video Above to see a Step that was Missed…

It’s always a great idea to have someone test your funnel code.  In other words, give someone your funnel code
once you’re done creating it, have them add it to their system, and have them click on every button within the
funnel to make sure everything is correct.